Elevating experiences. It’s why we exist. At Events Canada, we work with you to create moments that elevate, motivate, celebrate and inspire. As a world-leader in experience design and execution, we use our global network, vast connections and buying power and combine it with our relentless passion, our unmatched knowledge and our wild imagination.

The result? Experiences that are memorable. Tangible. Surprising. Stressless. Beautiful. And perfectly suited for your organization’s needs and strategic intent.

We are ICAN Students, a not-for-profit research & action network. Let us unleash the power of the human experience for you.


It’s how we challenge, it’s how we do things differently, it’s our creative process.

We first explore your brief, brand, audiences and beyond to develop real insight.

Our insight gives birth to a powerful strategic approach to your event from which all creative ideas thread from.

We then use the best ways to bring these ideas to life through our in-house talent, tapping into all the expertise needed to create amazing events, whilst making sure that the insight, strategy, creative and delivery is joined-up throughout.

We’re from different backgrounds but we share common values. We recruit and grow the best talents of a generation and lend them to our clients, sharing our knowledge and expertise to realise their potential – and our own.


Our best work – the bold and brave productions, the experiences and events by which we’ve made our name – comes when we have every member of our carefully picked dream team working toward a unified vision, asking the right questions, leaning on each other’s abilities, and trusting the process.

We keep all of our clients’ work in-house, making sure that vision and values are not watered down, but well-communicated and nurtured by our company’s culture, and a direct working relationship with each of our specialists. A huge part of what we do comes down to understanding our clients and their goals, and to asking the right questions to help us establish the goals and objectives that can measure and achieve your best return on investment.

Who we are?

We’re a global brand experience network. We’re best known for event marketing, promotional marketing, digital, social and mobile, content marketing, sponsorship marketing and employee engagement. We also have special expertise with immersive & inventive technology, public events, exhibits, broadcast design and moving image. Yep, we’re multi-channel, multi-discipline and just plain multi-talented.

  • Vision
    We’re passionate about shaping the next generation of meetings & events.
  • Innovation
    We’re forward thinking. We challenge and improve.
  • Service
    Our attitude is can-do. Simply put, we like helping people.
  • Integrity
    We deliver what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver.
  • Teamwork
    Our people make our business. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do.
  • Strength
    We use our passion and creativity to exceed expectations.

Competitive advantages

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Mobile Marketing

Device Responsive

Content Marketing

Data Security

Event Marketing

Food Network

Social Engagement

Hotel Network

Navigation Management

Professional Network

Ticket Sales

Event Strategy

Dedicated Support

Public Relations

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