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Our all-in-one networking & marketing solution, EventsCanada helps manage your business reputation, social media & email marketing. Dynamic content generation includes your live news feeds, specials and promotions. Email marketing campaigns and other automation keeps you in control of your marketing strategies, and your brand.

Finally, one platform to manage your brand’s web presence – made exclusively for busy designers & creatives. You work hard to create an awesome experience for every client that comes in your business, we’ll build that same experience for your clients and future leads on the web.

Upon launching your listings & profiles, we’ll connect it to a multi-channel web & social marketing platform to help you boost sales and drive more business with no extensive and extra costs.

  We create a unique identity for your business and spread your brand over multiple channels such as social media, email and text message.

 EventsCanada's excellence networking platform is an intelligent combination of an integrated digital marketing software and accelerated AI technology.

It's extremely affordable, powerful and full-service. There's simply nothing else like it. It's everything you need to generate your own leads and grow your company.

Design & Creataive services are on top list of a highly competitive market. In an age where every advantage is taken, many businesses are looking to their own data to plan, implement, and measure marketing campaigns. Our networking platform helps professionals in any industry build their custom niche network using multiple data sources, from multiple locations. This provides the teams with insight on how campaigns are doing. 

If you understood the complexities of your business process, you could tweak variables to improve revenue or reduce cost. Our networking platform & social reviews can help find inefficient service pairs so management can make changes that don’t rely on gut feelings or general trends alone.

There are some outside events that are not controllable yet effect your business. Weather is one of those events. Our designers and creative networking platform can help better understand what happens at a particular location when unexpected event arrives. Details like that can be paired with social behavior studies and help forecast future events.

Now, you can easily focus on the important stuff. Our social inbox, networking platform and ability to broadcast a single message across multiple channels strengthens your guest’s experience with minimal effort.

Monitor what’s said about your brand and be the first to respond. Bonus: why not monitor your competition, too? What about leaders in the industry?

Social & Blog Posts, Email & Text Marketing all from one easy to use interface. Use pre-defined templates or create new messages on-the-fly. Track your brand and push traffic directly to our online booking widgets. 

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We are building the next generation of experts network in niche markets across Canada. Join today and get early access to our platform before official launch date. We grant FREE forever access to the first 50k members.

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Explore a variety of projects within niche markets across Canada, including design, interactive media, print, & innovators in creative & entertainment cluster...

♦ Creative services manager
♦ Email marketing designer
♦ Flash designer/developer
♦ Information architect
♦ Mobile designer
♦ Presentation specialist
♦ UX designer
♦ UI designer
♦ Graphic designer
♦ Interior designer
♦ Multimedia artist & animator
♦ Art director

♦ Web designer
♦ Logo designer
♦ Brand identity designer
♦ Flash designer
♦ Creative director
♦ Layout artist
♦ Augmented reality designer
♦ Avatar programmer
♦ Drone experience designer
♦ Cybernetic director
♦ Interactions designer
♦ Fusionist

♦ Interventionist
♦ Machine-Learning Designer
♦ Real–time 3D designer
♦ Landscape designers
♦ Copywriter
♦ Illustrator
♦ Story Board Artist
♦ Web Content Editor
♦ E-commerce director
♦ Social media strategist
♦ Media planner
♦ Curator

♦ Set & exhibit designer
♦ Makeup artist
♦ Instructional designer
♦ Landscape architect
♦ Art teacher
♦ Producer
♦ Video game designer
♦ Catering Manager
♦ Costume designer
♦ Concept Artist
♦ Dressmaker
♦ Freelance designer


Our marketing & networking platform is enabling independent professionals across Canada succeed. You could be NEXT.

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EventsCanada is our partner at the table on key facets of growing our brand and helping drive both topline and bottom line result by building more meaningful relationships with both industry leaders & our guests.
John Daega
Golden Owen, Owner

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