MOVEMENT OF IDEAS: Understanding Positive World Domination

MOVEMENT OF IDEAS: “Understanding Positive World Domination” is about a deliberate commitment to live a life of such intrinsic value that a critical mass of the world’s population can find strength and direction in the value you represent. It is about honoring the passion of your soul to change the world, and willing to make significant changes in your life to cause it to your power to emerge; and the gratitude of the millions it will touch across the globe. It is simply the idea that global relevance is a human right, and that you too can do anything you want to do with your human journey, including positively taking over the world.

If you are ready to accept responsibility for big ideas and to uphold it as a duty; If you are willing to give room to passing the test of locality only if it will be a necessary path to passing the test of universality; If you are willing to celebrate your difference as your personal power; if you have resolved to defeat some of the assumption, expectations, and comfort zones you hold so dear and commit to birthing newness time and again, then Positive World Domination is your destiny.

MOVEMENT OF IDEAS is an immersion for humans of all races who see positive world domination as a possibility for themselves personally and for the world they influence. If you are looking for a sense of intellectual adventure and disruption, with a rebellious commitment to creating the future, and not just talk about it, this is your immersion. The session will fully immerse you into your personal power and difference, knowing that world domination is a choice every human will make or not make. If you are willing to address the great challenge of our age, connect to what is beneficial for your unique wellbeing and provide utility for the world, BOOK-A-SEAT now.


MOVEMENT OF IDEAS is not for everyone or just anyone. No. It is for doers and action figures working to change the world. Are you working to disrupt your industry or even to create one altogether? Are you working to rewrite known human rules of how we live, love, work and play or even how we war? Are you working to alter the course of history by shifting the status quo in religion, science, business, government, arts and entertainment, media, education and family? Or are you just pregnant with something the world has never seen before? Whatever newness you are working to birth, you do not need to grope on a justifiable lonely road of world domination.

MOVEMENT OF IDEAS is for those of us who have made the choice to be remarkable, and to creatively rebel against the path of convention that is always appealing to the majority. It is for creative rebels standing against the majority path, paved with safe lives, middle of the road monotony, and little chance of failure. It is for those entities who will have no part in being like everyone out there. It is for those who want to take over the world.

MOVEMENT OF IDEAS is for a small minority of people interested in living life on their own terms while making an impactful and transferable positive difference in the lives of others.


  • You will learn about ideas, why, how and at what rate they spread.

  • You will learn deeds and devotions you must commit to in owning and sharing your ideas with the world.

  • You will also learn how power works and how you can take your place with power centers everywhere.

  • You will learn how your own ideas can be directly related to helping other people find their own rhythm.

  • You will learn how to take over the world from your unique position.



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